Benefits of Outsourcing IT Needs Locally

If you’re like most Hawaii based CIOs, you’re being asked to do more with less. Support more applications, more websites and more devices for more people… with less budget than last year. How can you, as a CIO do more with less?


An area where most CIOs can easily do more with less is outsourcing their IT infrastructure (Servers, Networks, Managed circuits, Web Servers, email services, etc.). If you, as a CFO could save money on your internal costs, push capital expenses into operating expenses, and get the same level of service for your users, would you be interested? Of course you would.

Today you can move to an innovative form of outsourcing—managed IT Services – that takes care of all your hardware and IT management needs. With some services, you can still have control of the things that matter most: your OS and software apps. And it cuts several items from your budget and transforms a large amount of CapEx into OpEx.

Outsourcing your business IT services can save you costs and improve your company’s productivity. However, the dominating question a company should be asking itself when considering making the decision of moving to a managed IT service provider should ultimately be: which IT service partner is best for me and why?

Perhaps the most important question of them all is: where are they located? 90% of most IT service management can be done remotely; the problem with this is, the fact that if there are any hardware issue, you are still forced to find a local IT contractor to assist with the hardware. Certain things can be outsourced as remote IT management services.

Undoubtedly, there are many pros and cons of IT outsourcing — whether it is nationally or locally — there are many reasons staying closer to Hawaii works best.

Here are the top 3 benefits of outsourcing your IT services to a local Hawaii company.
1. Location

Employing a managed IT service company that is only a stone’s throw away from your business can provide a distinct advantage in terms of efficiency and productivity. Even though most communication takes place by either phone and/or email these days, knowing that your IT Managed firm is close by can put your mind at ease and ensure they can be at your location (if need be) to fix problems within hours, not days.

2. Customer Service

When contacting the managed IT provider when there is an issue and knowing the person on the other end of the line can relieve a lot of frustration when it comes to trying to solve an IT issue. It certain situations, the local IT technologist that is assigned to your business might give you direct access to their office/cell phone. Developing a relationship with a specific IT technologist, who has not mind giving you their cell phone number, is a major plus to having a local managed IT service provider.

3. Cost Advantages

It’s fact! Outsourcing your IT needs, locally or globally, is a major cost savings. But doing so with a local company can be beneficial in terms of being able to leverage your existing technology with theirs, as well as achieving that peace of mind that you are keeping your hard earned money within the local economy.

Artelisys has a great article on Managing IT service and the types of outsource IT services they have. The article also goes a bit into on how CEO,’s CFO’s, and CIO’s, etc. should consider utilizing a local Managed IT provider for some IT related services to save costs.


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